Best Destination Wedding Locations

October 9, 2015 -

Best Destination Wedding Locations

Brides and Grooms in the wedding planning phase are increasingly opting for Destination Weddings instead of traditional weddings within their hometown. And why not? Destination weddings are an excuse for everyone, from the bride on down, to vacation and travel with a purpose.

On a more practical note, fewer people are living within proximity to where they grow up. As people get married at an older age, it is much more likely that they will have traveled and/or moved for careers, met their spouse from an area away from home, and have ties to places that are across the country. Financially speaking, destination weddings can even be cheaper than a wedding at home, and can last for days or an entire week, giving everyone more time to celebrate. Some couples even wrap up their honeymoon with their wedding, cutting costs without sacrificing the trip, or the celebration.

Where to Go
Thinking about planning your own destination wedding? Check out these places across the United States that are the perfect venues for couples with a sense of adventure and wanderlust!

1. San Diego, California

With picture perfect weather and sunny blue skies year round, San Diego is perfect for outdoor weddings at any time of year. The city is not only full of eclectic architecture and fun venues, but also boasts some of the most beautiful Southern California beaches and sunsets.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s cheesy, but where else can you get married in a drive through? Plus there is no shortage of entertainment for guests and hotel rooms for everyone!

3. Door County, Wisconsin

For those looking for an East Coast vibe without the hefty price tag, Wisconsin’s Door County is the perfect location. A peninsula jutting out into Lake Michigan, the area is filled with quaint, small fishing towns, blossoming cherry orchards and lakefront cliffs, beaches and islands.

4. Lake Tahoe, California

A mountain wedding couldn’t ask for a better venue than at Lake Tahoe. Located in both California and Nevada, the lake area is tucked high in the Sierra Nevadas, with gorgeous mountain pine forests, the famous Tahoe Blue waters, and plenty of outdoor attractions and venues to entertain wedding guests for days.

5. Tybee Island, Georgia

Just an easy 20 minute drive east of Savanah, Tybee Island seems miles away from the rest of the world. 5 miles of public sand dunes combined with beautiful Atlantic Ocean views and gorgeous walking piers make Tybee Island a perfect beach wedding destination with some serious Southern charm.

6. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a city spilling over with beautiful and unique hybrid architecture from the several centuries and cultural influences. Brides and Grooms couldn’t ask for a better wedding venue than the city’s cathedrals and buildings. Plus, the food is guaranteed to be the best wedding meal anyone has ever eaten.

7. Dolores, Colorado

While getting married in a ghost town may sound like a tale best left for the truly adventurous at heart, Colorado’s Dunton Hot Springs, located just outside of Dolores, is far above your idea of roughing it. The ghost town has luxury cabins, hots springs, an entire town of buildings, and will give you one of the most unique wedding stories for years to come.

8. Portland, Oregon

Portland is home to hipsters, coffee, and roses, as well as the world’s largest bookstore. Pick your passion; whatever it is, Portland has a tribute to it. With gorgeous, lush gardens and quirky indie businesses, there is something for everyone in this town.

9. Key West, Florida

Dreaming of Caribbean bliss without the hefty price tag? Key West, the southernmost point in the continental United States, is an island hopping with nightlife, white sand beaches, colorful buildings, and plenty of entertainment for your wedding guests.

10. Asheville, North Carolina

Looking for that perfect, rustic getaway? Just outside of the city lie the rolling hills of true Appalachian country. There are many farms in the area that are regularly rented out as wedding venues, complete with old barns, green mountains, small ponds, and the sound of birds in the air. Any country wedding couldn’t ask for more.

Dream Big
The best part of a destination wedding is the ability to truly reflect the bride and groom and their story. Find something you are both passionate about and celebrate that. Use your wedding as the excuse to travel to a place you’ve always dreamed of visiting, or combine it with a stop by that festival you both have talked about for years.

It’s your wedding; you decide the destination!