Every Car Trip Needs THIS!

October 9, 2015 -

Every Car Trip Needs THIS!

Driving to your family vacation? Things every car trip needs.

Many people take road trips or travel by car to their family vacations. Whether it’s close by, or they want to save money rather then flying, road trips are a favorite among most. This being said, sometimes people overlook some things they should bring to make traveling in their car a more enjoyable experience.

1. Baby wipes, sanitizer, lots of plastic bags. These items come in handy when you want to clean up fast but don’t have time to stop.

2. What’s a road trip without fun snacks and drinks? You may say to yourself you can stop for this stuff. But the more stops you make the longer it takes to get to your destination. Also, if you stock up your car at home it’s less expensive then stopping at a rest area along the way. Save that money for your destination. And if you have kids traveling with you, snacks keep them busy without having to stop a lot. Just be aware of their drink intake, or else you’ll be stopping anyway to use the bathroom.

3. Make sure you have a change of clothes for everyone in your vehicle that’s easily accessible. Accidents and spills happen a lot in the car. If you have a bag that’s easy to get to with these items, it saves time and gets you back on the road quicker, rather then having to dig through your packed items.

4. Towels/paper towels are always a must. They can be used for cleaning up spills, eating on, or a quick pillow.

5. If you are traveling with kids it’s always nice to bring their favorite blanket and pillow. It keeps them comfortable and reminds them of home.

6. Movies/portable DVD player/books/activity books. Whether you are traveling with kids or your traveling partner wants to keep busy, these items are a must. Stop at the dollar store to get some cheap activity books for kids or toys they haven’t see yet. They will be a hit and will keep them busy.

7. Road trip games. These are fun for kids and adults and help pass the time. Some favorites are:

* I spy. Each person takes a turn and describes something they “spy” as a color. The others have to guess. But be sure that everyone guessing can see the item too.
* License plate game. There are two ways to play this game. The first way is to try to find the entire alphabet in the license plates of vehicles passing by. The second way is to see how many different states you see based on the license plates that go by.
* Have a spelling bee contest. This is great for everyone. Pick some words to spell. See who can spell the most words without making a mistake.
* Twenty Questions. Think of an object. The other players need to ask 20 questions to figure out what it is. Then they guess at the end.
* Fortunately, unfortunately game. This game helps kid look at the bright side of things in a silly way. The adult can start with, “Unfortunately, we left our pet elephant at home.” Then someone else can say, “Fortunately, we did, or else he would not fit in the car.” Think of other silly things.

8. Bring a wiffle bat and ball. This is a great activity for everyone. At the next stop get out stretch and take 20 minutes to get some energy out with a quick game. It’s packs well and is fun for all. Or even a game of catch.

9. Water, strainer, and oil for your car. Unfortunately, sometimes vehicles don’t cooperate and always work properly. These two items can come in handy as a quick fix until you can get to a service shop. Be sure you know where these items go in your car. You don’t want to put them in the wrong spot, creating a worse issue.

If you’re road trip takes a long time to get to your destination or is a short ride, the list above should help you pass the time with fun activities and “must haves” for your trip.