Must See Butterfly Pavilion in Denver

October 19, 2015 -

Must See Butterfly Pavilion in Denver

The Butterfly Pavilion is one of Colorado’s most unique tourist spots. This small insect zoo is home to 1,600 types of Butterflies, and thousands of types of invertebrates, such as Horseshoe crabs, Tarantulas, fish, and even some vertebrates like turtles.

The Wings of the Tropics conservatory may be the pavilion’s signature attraction. Walking into it puts one in a whole other world. The air is incredibly crisp and clean. The moisture is refreshing and cooling. The area is filled with gorgeous tropical plants, butterflies, fish and even some turtles.

Several colorful, huge plants are grown in the conservatory, such as orchids and cycads, which add color to the atmosphere and even feeds some of the butterflies. Over 1200 types of butterflies claim the conservatory as their home. Each species is utterly unique in look, with colors ranging from red to blue to green and almost everything in between. Some butterflies will even land on you if you’re still enough. Even more exciting, twice a day, pavilion employees will release butterflies into the forest as they finally leave their Chrysalides. Guests actually get to see the caterpillar’s final transformation in butterflies.

It would be remiss if this article were to only mention the Wings of Tropics. The museum also houses several other insects, such as scorpions, leaf insects, and several others in a place called Craw-A-See-Em. These small creatures are interesting in their shapes and captivating in their different body shapes. For instance, a guest may be interested in the cockroaches on display. Also of note is Rosie the spider, a calm tarantula that visitors can have climb on their arms. While it can be incredibly scary, Rosie is ultimately very careful and fuzzy. Having her crawl on you is a one of kind experience.

Other parts of interest include Water’s Edge. Guests can touch small invertebrates like Sea Cucumbers, sea stars, and even horseshoe crabs. The special texture and feeling of each of these creatures is very cool to feel. The sense these animals gives is intimate and even calming. The atmosphere of the entire room is serene.

The environment of the museum is calm and relaxed. It is excellent for a unique experience that will refresh and teach you. The museum is small, intimate, and clean. The insects and other various creatures are fascinating, and give one a new perspective to life.