Must See Gold Mining Vacation Ideas

October 19, 2015 -

Must See Gold Mining Vacation Ideas

Colorado is famous for its intense and snowy mountains. Formed millions years ago by tectonic plates smashing against each other. The mountains contain many interesting minerals such as gold. The states abundance in rivers and streams, which erode the mountains soil, provide ample opportunity to pan and find precious gold substances.

One location that exemplifies this is Old Hundred Gold Mine. Just by Silverton Colorado, this mine named after the German hymn Old Hundredth offer visitors a journey into its historic mines. The miner guided tour includes mining demonstrations and a look at the quartz vein tunnel. After the tour, guest can shift for gold and silver and keep what they find. Silverton is perfect for not only gold panning, but also learning about the mining process. Old Hundred is open May 15th to September 30th.

Another golden vacation destination is Hidee Gold mine. Hidee Gold is unique among other gold panning places for offering an additional way to get gold. This particular way is the mine tour, which has guests go deep into the cavern to find various glittering gold ores in the caves walls. Guests are allowed to chisel and cut out pieces of gold ore to take back home. A unique experience in contrast to the usual gold panning offered by similar places. Options for panning for gold are still offered though, and visitors can pan without the need of touring. Affordable and unique, Hidee is also a great place to visit for gold panning and even mining. Hidee is open from May 23th to September 26th.

Country Boy mine is another option for a Coloradoan gold mine tour and panning. Visitors may tour in and find themselves deep in the 1,000 foot wet mine. Guests will see everything a miner would while they travel down deep mine shafts. They will see the old mine cart tracks and strong wooden beams to support the tunnels. After the tour is panning for gold in French Gulch, the place of Colorado’s largest gold heap. Tour guides will even help you sort out fool’s gold from real gold. Country Boy is open from May 23th to October 23th.

Clear Creak Prospecting Supply is different from the previous mentions for being a store instead of a mine. Classes are available to comprehensibly teach about finding gold, understanding geological studies, and examining minerals. Also included is a hands on use of gold finding equipment, and the teaching of various types of panning. If guests go for the advanced class, they can take a tour to beautiful Clear Creek to learn about sluicing and apply this to finding gold. One of the bonuses of the advanced tour is the information given about how to both pan responsibly and take care of the surrounding environment. Clear Creak Prospecting Supply is great for an in depth look into gold panning. It is open year round.

Goldstrike adventures is much more expensive in comparison to other gold panning places; although guests are assured to find gold. Goldstrike adventures is entirely focused on the gold finding experience, and has several packages for different ways to find it. One package even includes underwater gold diving. All packages include a gold pan to take home and a glass vial to hold all the gold you’ve collected. Goldstrike even sells some its dirt infused with nuggets which you can take home and shift out at your home own. Goldstrike adventures is open year round.

It is suggested to visit any gold panning place in the fall or spring. Summer in Colorado can be overwhelmingly hot and sunny. However, fall and spring are perfect for outside adventures, although these seasons can be very short. It is suggested to look up the forecast before leaving, as Colorado weather can vary from day to day. If you are going for a mining tour, it is highly suggested you bring a small coat as mines can get very cool, with temperatures in the 50s and 40s. In addition, mines and rivers can also be very wet and sometimes even muddy; so it is suggested to wear clothes you can get muddy and sodden.

Shifting is included in tour passes, which cost $18.95 for adults, $26.95 for seniors, and $9.95 for kids (ages 5-12). Children 4 and under are free if they’re held on lap.