Must See Maryland Science and History Museum

October 14, 2015 -

Must See Maryland Science and History Museum

The Maryland Science Museum, located in Baltimore’s inner harbor, is one of Maryland’s best attractions, especially for families. Containing several interactive and high tech activities, the Maryland Science Museum is loaded with potential family play time.

The Science museum is most notable due in part to some of its displays which are interactive. No other part of the museum quite exemplifies this as Newton’s Alley. Just left of the entrance, this area is themed around interactivity. For instance, the tug of war rope may either be the easiest or hardest battle ever, all depending on the side you choose.
Ultimately, the machine shows how you can manage and change the physics of the rope to your advantage. In fact, every activity in Newton’s Alley is ultimately about physics and how it can be used, from lifting yourself up using different pulleys, playing a cordless violin, or even moving balls through a maze.

As fun as Newton’s Alley is, it is not all that the museum has to offer. Just across from Newton’s Alley is Dinosaur Mysteries. It may be the first thing to catch your eye, upon entering the museum. One of the main attractions is the several Life Size Dinosaurs made from both casts of fossilized remains and actual skeletons. Menacing and intriguing, these reconstructions convey the true size and scope of these ancient beasts. Also in the exhibit are some activities, like an excavation site for digging up your own bones.

Beyond Dinosaurs, on the second floor, lie areas themed around the universe. Space Link, the Davis Planetarium, Science on a Sphere, and Life beyond Earth. Space Link concerns general space topics, like comets, creation of Nasa Probes and Shuttles, planetary soil testing, and even the vacuum of space. The Davis Planetarium is very large and accommodating. Guests gaze up into the curved dome to see movies about space and the universe. One more technological marvel is Science on the Sphere. This sphere is projected with holographs that simulate planetary surfaces such as the sun. Audio about the object shown is then played along with the image shown. Life beyond Earth covers all facets about the search for life beyond our planet, and what life might be like out in space.

These are just some of the exhibits the museum passages. Others included are Power Up; a part of the museum devoted to electricity, Terra Link; an area with several weather themed interactive exhibits, Your Body: Inside Story; a massive world all about the body and its various functions, and even Follow The Blue Crab, an entire section devoted to the Blue crab and its Importance to Maryland. There’s even a giant mechanical replica of a blue crab that actually moves in the exhibit. It’s perfect for wacky family photos.

The Maryland Science Center has several events for families, such as Family Science Night, as well as some Homeschool programs vacationing families may be able to take advantage of. In addition the Museum has some live and filmed demonstrations. There is a demo stage where various science demos are presented. Such events can revolve around themes of static electricity or even liquid Nitrogen. Children can take part in scientific experiments in Sci Lab, become young scientists, and perform scientific tests. Also in the museum is an IMAX theater which shows movies about scientific studies or animals.

The Maryland Science Center is family oriented. There are countless activities the museum offers. You could easily spend an entire day here, doing and learning about science.