Must See Ski Cooper for Family Skiing Fun

October 19, 2015 -

Must See Ski Cooper for Family Skiing Fun

Ski Cooper is a vacation destination built on Cooper Hill Colorado (Note: Hills are just bumps on mountains in Colorado.) Priding itself on affordability, lack of crowds, and family friendliness, Ski Cooper is an excellent ski resort for budget conscientious families.

The hill is as beautiful as any Colorado Mountain. Several slopes along the mountain provide skiers the opportunity to ride down 39 different courses, from beginner, to intermediate, to some advanced runs. The resort’s height provides the soft, powdery, and dry snow ideal for skiing, and the area is surrounded with beautiful green pines.

The resort’s lifts are placed close to resort. Even better, wait time for the lifts is usually 1-2 minutes at max. The lift tickets themselves aren’t too expensive either: children 5 and under are free, Junior Kid Tickets (children aged 6 – 14) are $30.00, Adults (ages 15-59) are $50.00, and seniors (ages 60-69) are $40.00, with $30 tickets for seniors (70-79) and Free for seniors aged 80 to the end of time. In addition, Multi-day Rate deals are also an option.

Season passes aren’t too expensive either, ranging from $10 for young kids under five to $379 for adults. Fortunately adult and child passes are currently for sale at the time of this article, from $379 to $239 for adult passes and $175 to $125 for children six to fourteen. In addition, special discounts are available for military families.

Another perk of choosing Cooper are its skiing, telemarking, and snowboarding lessons. At $79, guests 13 to the end of time receive a 2 hour lesson, rental equipment, and lift tickets. Other packages include the 3 lessons plus one season pass package, which also includes a lift ticket, rental equipment, 3 2-hour group lessons, and even a season pass by the completion of the 3rd lesson. The perfect deal for any family new to skiing.

Cooper hill is close to Leadville, Colorado, which has several dining and touring options. Leadville is itself a noteworthy Colorado location and has deep historical significance to the state. It is home to the real life of Baby Doe, the famous pioneer woman and mine manager, and the Leadville silver mines, which showcase early pioneer mining.

Ski Cooper is a good choice for families new to skiing and on a budget. The resort has good deals for families who want an affordable, but still quality Colorado ski experience. The small lift lines, expansive mountain, and low wait times ensure a day full of skiing and other wintry activities.