Must See Water World in Colorado

October 9, 2015 -

Must See Water World in Colorado

Colorado is one of America’s driest states. Ironically enough, it is also home to one of America’s biggest water parks. Water World is a one of America’s premier water parks. Home to 49 attractions which include water slides, lazy rivers, and pools, and various other water themed thrill rides. Water World has the potential to provide the family with a full day of fun.

Water World is home to several distinctive and thrilling water rides. Journey to the Center of the Earth is one of the parks most impressive rides, combining both dinosaurs and water slides. Journey has visitors entering a mysterious pitch black cave. After a splash, they are surrounded by imposing and strikingly believable animatronic dinosaurs. After a few more slides, splashes, and reptiles, the ride ends excitedly and unexpectedly. Journey is amazing in how it creates an atmosphere. The use of water, lights, and noise create a scary and exciting environment. Another ride of intrigue is the Lost River of the Pharaohs, an Egyptian themed ride. Lost River is exceptional is its ambiance. It excels in its use of mist and decoration. It is a fun ride that seems to last longer than it actually is.

Water world has several other attractions. Like Mile High Flyer, a hydro magnetic water coaster. This ride splashes and launches riders down and up its turning and splashing track. Guests are also sprayed with water and pushed though dark tunnels. Mile High Flyer provides an experience that’ll excite and titillate guests.

All of these rides are exciting, but the park has other more relaxing options for guests. The lazy river lets guests relax as they sit in tubes and ride the calm river as it circuits around. The park also has a hot tub and even a giant pool for guests to sit at.

There are several other amazing water rides at the park involving tubes, wading pools, and gigantic and thrills water slides. Water Park is ginormous.
Some general advice you should before you go is to wear sun block. The Colorado sun is as merciless as it is radiant, and being a mile above sea level only.

Water World is a fun, wet way to cool off from the hot Colorado heat. The park is large and contains countless rides with something anyone who likes a water park or even pool could enjoy.