New England – a Seafood Adventure

October 9, 2015 -

New England – a Seafood Adventure

All great adventurers love seafood – and I’m willing to bet you’re no different! New England seafood takes the crab-cake here! With their fresh abundance of seafood – it’s hard to go wrong no matter where you go.

The food here will suck you in and never let you go – but this isn’t your fluffy foo-foo food from California, these are traditional, keep you warm in the frigid winter foods.

Lobsters dominate the scene – and we’re talking Maine Lobsters, with their giant claws and tails – so sweet and succulent no butter is needed, they’re impossible to mistake. You can get lobster on just about anything here – including salads but one of the local favorites being the lobster roll. A creamy lobster mixture that’s tangy yet savory, soaked in citrus juice, stuffed into a bun for a mouthwatering experience, it’s hard to beat this summery fare and it’s really a once in a lifetime experience.

Likewise chowder submerges the New England scene – along with seafood, milk is a common ingredient found in the region, and thick chowders flood the streets. You can get them almost anywhere, they’re thick and chalk full of clams and potatoes, and really whatever else they can fit into those marvelous giant pots of theirs. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced as the savory flavors coat your mouth, it’ll make you feel like home, even if your grandmother never made chowder. One thing’s for sure – you won’t ever be able to look at that stuff in a can the same way.

You might be tempted to only order the chowders and decadent lobster salads – but I promise – there are other delicious foods out there.

A seafood lover’s dream – are the readily available clam bakes. Stuffed with tons of seafood – from clams to lobsters and cutely accompanied by some potatoes and corn. The fresh seafood is enough on its own but there’s just something about taking in the sea air as you eat that makes it feel like so much more as the steam rises from the pot and the sun sets on the beach before you.

Taking advantage of your time there – don’t forget that there are a variety of festivals in New England during the summer and fall months that center around seafood – it’s a great opportunity to experience a little bit of everything from the traditional citrus soaked lobster rolls and fried oysters, to the new and innovative things people dream up in their sea food fantasies every day.

The festivals include the Lobster Festival, Oyster Festival, Scallop Festival, Fish and Lobster Festival as well as the all around Seafood Festival! Who doesn’t love fair food? Now imagine if your favorite seafood was transformed into a fun food at the fair? I could eat fried clams forever – or I would gladly die trying.

To sum things ups – other places are great when it comes to seafood – but if you want good, stick to your ribs, feel like home in a bowl seafood, you have to go to New England, there really is no substitute.