Pack For Your Vacation Like a Master

October 9, 2015 -

Pack For Your Vacation Like a Master

So you’re taking a trip? First things first, you need to pack!! Whether you are packing for yourself or your family, you want to try to use the space the best way possible without packing too much. Airlines are now charging extra for bags, and if you’re driving you want to be sure you have enough room in the car to travel comfortably and to fit all your belongings. If you’re traveling alone, you are the one lugging all your stuff, therefore, less is better.

Here are some tips on how to pack like a master and be able to fit all you need in your bags.

1. Pick out your clothes and lay them out to see what works with what. A pair of black pants or black shorts can be paired with a couple of different shirts. This saves space and let’s you wear the same amount of outfits on your trip. Always be sure to try on each outfit before you pack them to make sure you like the clothes you are pairing up. You don’t want to be away and find out you don’t feel your best wearing an outfit.

2. Shoes take up the most space in a bag and can be very heavy. A good rule of thumb is to pack one pair and wear the other. Or if you really want to pack two pair try to pick a dressy pair and the other pair can dress up an outfit or be worn with a more casual outfit. A good example is a cute sandal or ballet flat. Wear the more heavy pair of shoes and make sure they are comfortable to travel in. You don’t want to be running to your plane in your platforms, risk falling or missing your flight. Unless you don’t mind being someone’s FaceBook status or topic of conversation at dinner.

3. When you have tried on your clothes and are ready to pack, be sure to roll your clothes. Rolling your clothes allows you to fit more in your bag and decreases wrinkles. Roll your socks and put them into your shoes.

4. When packing your accessories like scarves, belts and jewelry, you can put them in the pockets of your clothes. Or if you want to bring earrings and rings you can use a pill box. It keeps them all in a safe place and snaps shut to be sure they don’t fall out.

5. Always bring a plastic bag for your dirty clothes. This helps when you get home and unpack. You can just throw them right in the laundry. Also, if you have a couple of stops to make during your trip where you need to unpack and pack your bag this will help you keep your clean clothes clean.

6. Put all toiletries in a plastic bag. No matter how tight you twist the caps on those bottles one always seems to leak. So do yourself a favor and put them in a plastic bag.

7. If you’re flying, be sure to bring a carry on with your “must haves” that you can’t live without if your luggage is delayed or lost. A good list of things to pack are as follows:
a. Money.
b. Change of clothes.
c. Glasses/contact lenses.
d. Kid’s favorite toy or what they can’t live without to sleep with.
e. Small bag of medicine or toiletries. (check with airport rules on sizes and what you can bring on the plane)
f. Camera.
g. Passport/ID.
h. Chargers for your phone or electronic devices you are bringing to keep you and/or others busy.
i. Wipes. Whether you are 2, 22, 42, 82. Wipes come in handy for many uses for everyone, traveling is a dirty job.
j. Extra plastic bags. They come in handy for all sorts of uses.

So now that you have some ideas on how to pack like a master, you are ready to roll. Once your bag is packed you’re on your way to a fun, relaxing destination. Happy traveling!