Southern BBQ Surprises

October 9, 2015 -

Southern BBQ Surprises

When you think of Southern barbecue – you probably think about sticky sauces and mouthwatering meats, and you wouldn’t be wrong to think that, but there are more layers to this delicious region than you may know!

South Carolina

It’s where they say BBQ was born – they claim to have invented four different sauces – but what makes them so special is their Mustard and Vinegar based sauces, which were the result of the heavy German heritage in the state. It might not be something that you’d choose to try – the yellow color isn’t very appealing and you might think it looks downright strange.

The sauce itself is very tangy – but after adding some sugar and slathering it on some tender meat – it’s life changing. If you’re like many people – accustomed to the average red sauces – I highly suggest you branch out and try this one, if only once. You may never go back to traditional red sauces again.


Famous for their dry meat, done with family rubs that have been perfected over the years; you aren’t likely to find someone willing to share their recipe. A good rub will be paprika based and be an irresistible blend of sweet, savory and spicy flavors. Although they do have wet options, lovingly brushed with the most mouthwatering of sauces, the meat is so juicy, smoky and flavorful – it’s a shame to put anything on it, the typical Memphis style sauce will be a base mix of tomato and vinegar and is a relatively thin sauce. The trademark food of Memphis style barbecue is the pulled pork sandwich topped with sweet coleslaw, although the ribs are also phenomenal!

The meat is slow cooked over hickory wood so that it falls off the bone and melts in your mouth, you’ll be amazed – barbecue up until this point, has only been a lie.

Kansas City

It’s appealing for its tender dry rubbed meats – slathered in a sweet tomato and molasses based sauce. It’s sweet and sticky, everything you imagine it should be. The sauce itself is almost a staple, as it’s glazed upon many an item across its lands – anything is fair game, from pork and beef, to turkey and rabbit. It’s so sweet and irresistible – you’ll be sopping the sauce up with your fries and licking your finger for every last sticky drop.

The meat falls off the bone and the sweet smell of the sauce wafting over it is enough to make even a full stomach grumble.

Texas Style

Texas is known for a little bit of everything, it’s really a great collection of the whole lot, and there are pits galore! The meat drags you in by your nose from the road as it cooks over mesquite or pecan wood. Using a mustard paste to help tenderize the meat – it leaves a slight tang, but isn’t over-poweringly mustardy, it’s tender and melts in your mouth, but it doesn’t have that slide off the bone tendency like other regions favor.

Texans tend to leave their sauce to the side, believing that their meat should only be complimented by it, not smothered by it, but they usually offer a wide variety of sauces, with none particularly unique to their region.

There’s truly something special about the flavors of the south not only the food but also the hospitable people and the beautiful scenery. It will capture your heart and leave you breathless, and the food will speak to your soul through your stomach as you discover a new kind of comfort food. You’ll come to any of these places a visitor, and leave there a local.