Tips for Taking Your Pet on Vacation

October 14, 2015 -

Tips for Taking Your Pet on Vacation

Taking Your Pet on Your vacation? Things You Need to Know

Your trip is planned, you’re ready to pack and you can’t find anyone to watch your pet. Boarding your furry friend is not an option…………… why not bring them!

Lots of pet owners successfully bring their animals with them on trips. Luckily there are many places to stay that are pet friendly.

Here are some tips before you leave or your vacation.

1. Find a pet friendly place and do your research. Make sure when you look into places to stay you read the reviews online. Have people mentioned they were accepted with their pet? Was the place clean? Here is a website you can use to find a pet friendly place to stay.

2. Be sure to pack what you need for your friend. Food, treats, toys, a travel food and water bowl. Clean up bags, an extra leash, a harness for the car, a flashlight or clip-on light for night walks. Bring towels and/or sheets if you are driving to your destination to put in the car in case you need to clean up messes. Or to put on seats and the floor of the vehicle. Don’t forget a ball to play fetch with for you dog. This is a great way to keep them active, and energy low.

3. Bring a health and shot record with you just in case you need to show it to the airline or where you are staying.

4. Look online for a local vet and pet hospital close to where you are staying, in case you need to visit them while you are away.

5. If you are flying, look into the airline’s pet policy and find out ahead of time where the pet relief areas are in the airports.

Flying with your pet

If you are flying to your destination here are some good tips on what to bring to the airport.

1. You will want to bring two meal’s worth of food to the airport and water while you are waiting to board.
2. Bring a collapsible water bowl that can be stored easily on the plane.
3. A leash and harness for unfenced pet relief areas.
4. Treats to give your pet to coax them back into their carrier.
5. Health and shot information from your vet.
6. A picture of your pet.

Driving with your pet

If you are driving to your destination here are some ideas to have a safe and easy trip with your pet.

1. No matter how big or small the animal is it’s best to crate them. Many people don’t like to use crates but animals feel safe in them. Be sure to exercise the animal before you leave so when they go into the crate they are looking to relax and be calm.

2. Try not to feed your animal shortly before you leave so they don’t have an accident. They also might be prone to motion sickness.

3. Stop along the way and give your animal a break. Let them out, walk them, play fetch. Give them a little time to stretch.

Final Destination with your pet

When you finally do get to your destination here are some tips when you stay at your hotel.

1. Go for a long walk before checking in. This will tire out the animal so when you are ready to go into the room they will sit and relax instead of full of energy.

2. Stay calm and lead them into the room. Let them get settled in and give them a toy from home to make them comfortable.

3. Find out from the hotel where the local parks are to take a hike or a walk later on or the following day.

You may feel your animal is just as much a part of the family as the humans are. So why not pack them up and bring them along on your next trip? Using the information above, will help you have a smooth, fun trip.