When Vacationing in New York – Eat This!

October 9, 2015 -

When Vacationing in New York – Eat This!

New York has an edge over many other places in terms of culinary delights – there’s an onslaught of ads and restaurants vying for your attention.

While it’s true that New York a melting pot of foods – holy mother of marinara – it might as well be called little Italy. Italian restaurants litter the streets and the enticing aromas of tomato, basil and oregano waft out and envelope any passerby lucky enough to venture too close to one of the many establishments.

Pizza is one of the easiest things to come by – a favorite of many, here it’s some of the best. Fresh dough rolled out where you can see it in many places, graced by fresh toppings with golden cheese and a toasted crust burned to perfection in a brick oven. The slices are large and the toppings slide off with the cheese, but it’s undoubtedly some of the most amazing pizza available to mankind.

In any number of these places, cheese can be stretched as far as the eye can see – as a bite is pulled from your plate, garlic and oil are used generously on warm breads that were just freshly made. Pasta that isn’t store bought and cooked to perfection isn’t hard to come by in the Big Apple and I’ve got a feeling the only thing better than Italian food here would be Italian food in Italy itself. Italian culture is deeply embedded in New York – the food is just a spectacular bonus of that fact.

New York is also the land of hotdogs – there’s a cart on every street corner, always a vendor looking to sling a couple of dogs – and while these hotdogs can be enticing, the ones to be had are at Nathans. New York is one of the few places where you can actually come by a fresh Nathans hotdog, there’s just something about the bite one that leaves you speechless – all thoughts consumed by one – how mindblowingly amazing that American treat you hold in your hand is. They’re so good – they don’t allow ketchup at their locations – once you’ve tried one, you’ll understand why.

Chinese food is another option that’s widely offered around the city – it’s some of the best America has to offer. Fresh duck hangs in many of the stores – tender and well seasoned it’s served in its traditional presentation in many stores. Dumplings both fried and soupy are also widely available, the savory flavors and fresh vegetables are hard to combat as you walk with a grumbling stomach – once you’ve had tried it, you’ll keep coming back!

Luckily New York is the land of delivery – most everything you can think of can be delivered right to your room after an exhausting day sightseeing!

New York offers unlimited options to satisfy any pallet – from Chinese to Hotdogs – there’s a sea of tasty treats – waiting to snag you by your nose and pull you in off the street!